Our Story...

When we connect with strangers, we live more deeply. Add a bottle of wine, and you might just begin a great story.

That potential for social adventure is the driving force behind Curated Table. In March 2012, founder Jessica Guzik began asking complete strangers if they’d be interested in having dinner with her and five other people, none of whom knew each other. Jessica invited people who were smart, interesting, and intrepid; the rest was unscripted.

To everyone's surprise, the dinners were a blast. Since 2012, Curated Table has evolved to introduce people to each other and to great local causes and brands through a variety of events. A hallmark of Curated Table events are their intimate scale, which allows participants to connect meaningfully with those who live in the same community or are passionate about the same subjects.

In a world that needs more ways to connect offline, Curated Table serves as a humble platform for new friendships, collaborations, and conversations.